January 1, 2011

Double trouble 2011

Happy new year people, So is an Adieu 2010  and a Hello 2011, hope you all have an amazing time and hopefully all our wishes will come true (hopefully).
2010 has gone and I really feel like I'm still a kid.
This year I turn seventeen which supposedly means lots of new responsibilities, cause your no longer a kid and almost a man (woman).. but no, I'm not felling it.
Anyway, this year i'm hoping for many many things, like, get my ass thinner, get a job so i can buy my own stuff, make this blog an awesome blog, travels (i'm really looking for lots of travels), happiness like we all do, maybe stard a band, and so on so on. 
Sorry for just posting ugly pictures and make this "fashion blog" something really different and disappointing. I'll try to post more look's and i'm trying to make a streetstyle blog about my city, but that might take me a while.
So hope you all enjoy 2011 cause there's not turning back. Thanks to the sweet people that reads my blog, really♥ 


  1. thanks for the comment love! and i really like the first pictures, amazing!


  2. great the write 2011!! so cool!!! happy new year dear!!

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