March 3, 2012

Disturbed hands

Sometimes I really envy those people that find, easily a way to express themselves in words, pictures, drawings, clothes... I find myself in so much trouble when it comes to transfer my thoughts in to anything.
The frustration I get when that happens is one of the things I hate the most.
I've been writing a short story, that I'm still not sure if I should publish in here or not. I guess I'll try and probably no one will read it, but is okay cause I just want to take this fear of "others people judgment"
So, in other matters, D&G Fall/Winter 2012 I know everyone had talk about it, but that ain't gonna stop me.
 There's no way you can not love this collection, bright floral patterns and romance every where you see.

Backstage pictures:
Source: and Tumblr

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