June 29, 2012

Cuando calienta el sol..

Summer is around the corner and I want to make a BathingSuit post, so here it is..
1.-The Hipster Babe
Bodysuits from Black Milk or Topshop, the cute but wild high waisted shorts, a nice pair of cat eye sunnies and lots of bracelets.
2.-Pretty in Pink
Upper East Side babes need some Hamptons too..

3.- Retro mamasita
Classy and cute, big very big sunglasses and a two piece vintage bathing suit, Pompadour requested~ 

4.- Black as night
Rarely seen in the sun, but in the summer everything is possible and the goth babes can rock the palm-trees in a black bodysuit and ear cuffs to match the whole thing.  

Hope you like it, of course is just my point of view.

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  1. those sunglasses with lips? where are they from?


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