January 1, 2012

Have a very happy end of the world

 Happy 2012, 2011 is gone and I guess lots will miss it, is a new year and got lots of projects that, not like most of my "projects" I will not leave them to dead.
I made this " BBQ tofu with fries" it was good -emphasis on good-  I made it in 30 minutes or so, I was way to worry about ending American Horror Story yesterday, and so I did, and my dinner turn out to be so good oh yes, I was happy. (picture is really not that good, but it look really delicious)
It was fun and so nice to see all this faces that I've miss. I hear "I'm sexy and I know it" way too many times, but start the year whit The Beatles an Led Zeppelin -thanks perfect cousins, with perfect taste of music- not a single " baby you're a firework" on my ears and YESSS I'm glad for that.
and 2012 is going to be all getting my shit together and being healthy and blabalablah. 
So, accomplish everything you say you want for this year and keep being awesome. 
love for all my bronies and readers.

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